Writing, elsewhere

The Verge

Meet Walnut, the crane who fell in love with her zookeeper


Exploring the Mind: Cognitive Technologies at the Exploratorium

Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute

The future is now: Brains, machines, and everything in between

The Brain Imaging Center: A campus resource for cutting-edge research

Berkeley Science Review: Magazine

Staying Sharp: The secrets of agile aging brains

Sounding out your surroundings

Hotspots and fingers and plumes, oh my!

Berkeley Science Review: Blog

Neuroscience in an iOS app: Brainventures is here!

Disability no barrier to science

Catch the brainwave: Cognitive Technologies at the Exploratorium

Choking under pressure: overthinking or misthinking?

Snap, crackle, pop, whoosh! Four auditory responses you didn’t know had a name

Dr. Brainlove: the other magic school bus

Reproducible and collaborative: Teaching the data science life

The Toast

The Little Blind Bookworm in Your Brain


A Madman’s Delightful Forest Park in the Oakland Hills

Palms and Perfect Rocks in a California Resort’s Desert Oasis


Coming Soon

What can sensory substitution tell us about the organisation of the brain? (Hillenbrand S, Raveh D, & Amedi A. Chapter in book: Sensory Substitution & Augmentation. Proceedings of the British Academy, ed. Dr. Fiona MacPherson)


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