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If your visual cortex weren’t such a good camera it’d be a storyteller

I’ve written before about how the brains of blind people can show us which aspects of our mental life are strictly tied to certain senses and which are, let’s call them, “sensory-flexible.” Imagining how a person might navigate their world in the absence … Continue reading

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Throw away the brain and study the heart instead: A science story

I had a paper accepted yesterday! This is my first first-authored paper, which means I saw this thing through from start to finish. And lived to tell the tale. I can hardly believe it myself. This project began when I … Continue reading

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Resting Bitch: How your moods make you a more optimal you

“Happiness depends not on how well things are going…but whether they are going better than expected.” Opinion papers are fun. It’s like going to a bar with a scientist and asking what they really think. They might be wrong, but … Continue reading

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Ex Machina: Mapping the brain in the age of social networks

If you use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, you’re part of a massive social network. Think about your personal network. How many different social circles are represented? Do you communicate with people in some circles more than others? … Continue reading

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Book review: Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

Embarrassingly, I made it most of the way through a PhD in neuroscience without knowing the difference between a syndrome and a disease. In general, I knew I didn’t want either. But my own research focused on how the brain works, … Continue reading

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Brains and blinky lights: an update

Wow, post-SfN fatigue really took its toll on my posting frequency, eh? But I would like to draw your attention to a few pieces I’ve been working on that came out elsewhere recently, and share a few photos I took at … Continue reading

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Four impossible things before breakfast: Amy Bastian’s empathic logic

I had wanted to write up Amy Bastian‘s excellent 8:30 am talk from SfN, and finally it is happening. That’s right, my hangover and I were front and center so you didn’t have to be. I’m looking at you, #sfnbanter. … Continue reading

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