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Have you checked out the Weather Channel lately?

It’s basically Sharknado out there. Every. Damn. Day. Guys, I just wanted to know if it was going to rain today. Knock it off already. Stick to weather. You’re making me afraid to go outside. And you’re making us all … Continue reading

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On being taken somewhere special.

Part of the “let’s all panic about the future of science” narrative is, for me, finding things that remind us that we are more than just our jobs. Sometimes it is hard. This latest post of mine, over at Greenfriar, is … Continue reading

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Claremont Canyon: A How-to

Claremont Canyon is a notoriously steep .6 mile hike near the UC–Berkeley campus. But, if you follow these easy steps, you are sure to emerge victorious. Step 1. Start walking uphill. Step 2. Keep walking uphill. Enjoy the view while you … Continue reading

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Joaquin Miller: Glorious wackadoodle.

Oh hey. With all this rain we’ve been getting, this is hardly the time for it, but I’ve written a thing for Ken Layne‘s fantastic, brand-spanking-new site A friend alerted me to this opportunity, and seeing as how I’ve … Continue reading

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