Today, I am Gal Scientist.

A while back, The Toast put out a call for lady scientists with something to say. Back then, this blog was merely a twinkle in my eye, and as such, I ignored it. But then it turned out the posts they were running were awesome. Many of the Gal Scientists have written about their own work or what it’s like to do science in their field, making me feel like a bit of a cheater. But some have written more generally about topics of interest, which is the route I decided to take in submitting a piece I had already been working on. It seemed important, initially, to showcase an ability to talk about research besides your own, but I think that may be a bias I picked up from the science writing community at large. Anywho, it’s about some really amazing work that I had the pleasure of discussing with some students in my Cognitive Neuroscience discussion section. Nothing like leading a journal club for undergrads to tell you what is mind-blowing and what is not.

And so, today, thanks to some amazing work being done halfway around the world and the discerning tastes of my studentsI am Gal Scientist. Please comment and tell them to make me the winner of the universe. But, really, all of them have been so good that I’m not even sure that’s good advice. Go check them out!

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