“A bottom-up approach in the pursuit of science.”

“Dogs are attuned to the earth’s magnetic field, and defecate accordingly.”

I have so many questions. Grantsmanship: Engage.

“The dogs are very precisely orientated on the north-south axis while pooping, but only if the magnetic field is stable.”

Yes and…Does number of circles prior to pooping depend on poop urgency or does circling serve some orienting purpose?

“Dogs of all shapes and sizes avoided pooping towards the east or west whenever possible.”

Yes and…what does this say about their reputation for loyalty?

“They’ve ruled out the position of the sun, having witnessed the phenomenon in various seasons and times of day.”

Yes and…Do dogs know which way north is all the time or just when they’re pooping?

“Solar flares or geomagnetic storms cause magnetic field fluctuations, which lead dogs to take a more random approach.”

Yes and…Do they pick up on seismic fluctuations, and could this somehow be used to predict earthquakes?

“On January the 6th the magnetic field was very stable, which means that the dogs were very well orientated during pooping. On January the 2nd the magnetic field was more restless, and the dogs were pooping in a random fashion.”

Yes and…Does a dog in a high-field MRI scanner poop along the axis of the bore because he wants to, or because he has to?

Let me out please?

Keeper of the secrets of the universe.

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