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About that science fair.

There was one little badass who set up a table and challenged male and female passersby to hold their hand in icy water for as long as they could, to see which gender tolerated pain better. You’ll be pleased to … Continue reading

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On power and powerlessness in anonymity.

I am judging an elementary school science fair tonight. I am very excited about it. So this morning, after I woke up I deliberately made myself appear feminine (put on a dress, wore contact lenses instead of glasses, hair blown … Continue reading

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Altered States and the Brain

Some things you sign up for because you hear who else is working on it and you’re sold. Before you even know anything about it. You’re just like, yes, of course I will do this crazy/stupid/dangerous thing with you. Well … Continue reading

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NeuroDisco at Cal Academy of Sciences

Last night I went to Mind & Body NightLife at Cal Academy. I’ve been to NightLife maybe a dozen times, and it doesn’t get old. I like to take visitors there, as the museum is a stunning space with a great … Continue reading

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“A bottom-up approach in the pursuit of science.”

“Dogs are attuned to the earth’s magnetic field, and defecate accordingly.” I have so many questions. Grantsmanship: Engage. “The dogs are very precisely orientated on the north-south axis while pooping, but only if the magnetic field is stable.” Yes and…Does … Continue reading

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Pitfalls, paralysis, peace.

I’ve never liked New Year’s resolutions. There are lots of reasons for this, beyond the fact that they all but set you up for failure. If you had to make a resolution, you had to resolve. Which meant you had … Continue reading

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Here, look at this thing. 

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